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Bolton urged to consider 'grim reality' of new sponsors QuickQuid

We are urging Bolton Wanderers to re-consider their decision to appoint QuickQuid as their new club sponsor.

The news has raised concerns about what knock-on effects this partnerships might have in terms of people getting into debt in Bolton and across the county.

Our Chief Officer - Richard Wilkinson said:

"The issue with pay-day lenders is one where it is more than just about a name on a football shirt - the issue goes a lot wider than that, and particularly in a place like Bolton.

I was slightly surprised to see that choice of sponsor.

The problems that pay-day loans can cause to the clients we see is something that we have a level of concern about, and we think that potentially, something like this may actually make the position worse because it gives these companies some sort of credibility, bringing them into the mainstream.

It is worth remembering that behind that glossy, high-profile marketing campaign lies the grim reality of what life in debt is actually like for people.

I would hope that they (the club) have some understanding of the potential impact on their supporters and on the people of Bolton that this may have.

I'm not sure if they have sought to address that in any way, but it is something that we would be more than willing to speak to them about what the reality is.

It may be that they would want to relook at that (the deal), or it may be that they would want to do some other things to try to mitigate some of these problems.

The problems arise when people see their debts balloon and go out of all control as they get additional pressure to take out further loans or roll-over loans that they can't actually afford to pay back.

What then happens is people end up paying hundreds, even thousands of pounds based on relatively small loans that they have taken out in the first place.

We would urge Bolton Wanderers to consider some of the work we have done in this area and also to get a better picture of what actually it is that they are engaging in, before making any sort of a decision.'

You would hope that they have taken these things into account, but on the stuff they have put out there, there doesn't seem to be much mention of that."

On 5th June 2013 - Bolton Wanderers pulled out of their agreed deal with QuickQuid with Chairman - Phil Gartside saying:

"We have worked for years to build trust and participation with the community through our community trust, education programs and other initiatives that are currently underway in partnership with local and national government.

We don’t want our commercial relationships to come between us and our community, and neither does QucikQuid"

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