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Tax Credit renewal deadline - one week away!

Hundreds of thousands of people have a week to renew their tax credits or face losing the payments HMRC have warded.

When claimants fail to detail changes to their circumstances and are overpaid, then HMRC orders the money to be paid back. 

Citizens Advice earlier this year reported that in the year to March there was a 14% increase in the number of people getting into financial difficulty, as a result of having to pay the money back.

Nearly five million people in the UK receive tax credit payments, aimed at helping low-income families with costs such as childcare.

The deadline for renewal is 31st July 2014

For the first time, should your details remain the same the renewal can be done online

Richard Wilkinson - Chief Officer of Bolton Citizens Advice Bureau said:

"It is really important that people who currently receive Tax Credits renew them by 31st July 2014.  More than 650,000 people failed to renew their tax credits this time last year meaning that they lost that money.

"For the first time, renewals can now be done online making it easier for this to happen."

To find out more about the different tax credits that are avaliable to you, please visit the Benefits Fact Sheets avaliable on our site.

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